About us

Smart Ninja Kids was born in October 2014 as a division of Shuriken Spread Association/International Sports Shuriken Association, Sydney (Headquarter in Tokyo, Japan).

The office is in Potts Point, Sydney NSW.



Our mission is to give opportunities to girls and boys to do regular exercises through play at Ninja.

The director of Smart Ninja Kids Ryo always concerns about the recent reduction in physical strength of schoolchildren and their overweight/obesity due to lack of regular exercises.

Ryo was born and raised in Japan. He has realised that there are less opportunities for children to do exercises at school in Australia.

One day Ryo held a Ninja themed birthday party for his son in Sydney. The young guests of the birthday in black Ninja costumes enjoyed being Ninja.

That reminds him of his childhood. Ninja was (still is) a very popular legendary real hero like being among Japanese children and Ninja appeared a lot in comics, TV animations and movies. So the children often enjoyed playing at Ninja.Ryo was, among the rest, played at Ninja and ran about in all directions outside.

He believes that Ninja can be the key to give opportunities of regular exercises to children. To support his idea, there is a case study. A Japanese educator Mr Kunio Iwai has introduced Ninja training / play into the elementary school physical education in Japan called "Ninja Taiiku".Thanks to the practice, all the more students (even those who did not like before) are willing to participate in the physical class activities.

Ryo is inspired by his philosophy about playful mind and foresight to bring out the potential abilities of children. Ryo has decided to organise Ninja training through birthday parties for children's healthier lives.

The Ninja parties by Smart Ninja Kids are designed for girls and boys of the ages between 3 and 10 years old to give basic trainings to become smart healthy Ninja kids for fun.

We hope that the party participants will keep training themselves as Ninja regularly.

Director / Instructor - Ryo

Ryo is the director and instructor of Smart Ninja Kids. He is a certified Shuriken instructor accredited by Seiryuーkan Shuriken and Shuriken Spread Association/International Sports Shrunken Association.He was born in Miyagi, Japan and came to Australia to study at Uni.

When he was a child in the 1980s, he was a big fan of “Ninja Hattori-kun” cartoon character in comics and TV animation. He was a very active boy and always played outside after school.

He thinks it his responsibility to encourage his sons to do regular exercises and have healthy foods as a father.

He has been cleared to work with children - Working With Children Check NSW (WWC0421547E).

BA - The University of Sydney

Instructor / Carer- Saori

Saori is the instructor and carer of SNK and a mother of two sons.

She was born in Yamagata, Japan.

She has two brothers and used to play childhood ninja games and watched ninja animations on TV with them.

Saori worked for a cable television broadcasting station in the publication division as an editor in Japan. She came to Australia to study business for a few years but she came to like the lifestyle of Aussie and became a permanent resident here.

She helps ninja kids to wear the costumes and assist them during the training.

BA(Marketing Design in Design Engineering) - The University of Tohoku of Art and Design

Instructor Assistant - Ninja Taichi (not always available)

Taichi is a 5 years old Y1 student. He likes super hero and disguises them. A Ninja themed party was held for his 5th Birthday.Since then he has been training regularly as Ninja.

He enthusiastically watches "Ninja Hattori-kun", "Lego Ninja", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and other Ninja TV programs to study about Ninja. He practices with his younger brother Kaito. He is good at throwing Shuriken.

Instructor Assistant - Ninja Kaito (not always available)

Kaito is 3 years old. He also likes super hero Batman, Spiderman, Power Rangers, Ninja turtles and Japanese cartoon characters and disguises them.

He everyday practices sword playing with his foam and plastic Ninja swords with his older brother to be a master swordsman.

He is good at shooting a bow.